Mapping heat flow beneath Greenland: “It’s a geothermal freak zone for sure”

Mapping heat flow: Greenland and the surrounding ocean floor hold great hope for geothermal energy as an alternative source of energy but have effectively been a blind spot so far.

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View over the roofs of Berlin. Tower of Berlin in the background.

Geothermal energy can bring about a heat turnaround!

GFZ presents core messages from the joint "Roadmap Deep Geothermal Energy for Germany" at the Berlin Energy Days 2022.

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Panel discussion of five people in front of a screen. On the side a German, European and American flag each

"Great scientific record"

Celebration of 20-year anniversary of the launch of the GRACE mission (with NASA-JPL DLR and GFZ) at the German Embassy in Washington: "Great scientific record" and future plans.

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TEM image: below single dots represent the perfect crystal structure in atomic resolution, above the thin disordered amorphous layer. On top, the protective layer.

New insights into weathering processes on icy celestial bodies

High-resolution measurements with the PISA Facility's new sub-Ångström transmission electron microscope contribute to a deeper understanding of weathering processes on icy celestial bodies.

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A young woman stands on a research vessel wearing a safety helmet.

Ann Cook Humboldt Research Fellow at GFZ

Ann Cook is Humboldt Research Fellow and guest of the Gas Hydrate Research Group in Section 3.1 Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry.

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High pressure experiment. A bright light is seen in a metal device.

High-pressure experiments solve seismic riddle

High-pressure experiments solve seismic riddle. The lab experiments have shown why seismic waves propagate at different speeds in the Earth's mantle.

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Our flowers for International Women's Day

We asked a few of our female colleagues for their thoughts and wishes for International Women’s Day. They represent all the women who contribute to the success of our research in many ways.

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Portrait der GFZ Discovery Fund Fellows

GFZ Discovery Fund Fellows Frank Zwaan and Benjamin Schwarz start their research projects

Frank Zwaan and Benjamin Schwarz have received the grants of this year's GFZ Discovery Fund and will start their research work on 1.3.2022.

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Statement of the GFZ Executive Board on the war against Ukraine

We condemn the war of aggression and the associated breach of international law on the part of the Russian and Belarusian governments. Statement of the GFZ Executive Board.

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Looking back from the future: How does Germany become carbon neutral?

How does Germany become carbon neutral? Researchers of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative develop vision for 2050 – looking back from the future.

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