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The EnMAP satellite flies around the earth - animation

German environmental satellite EnMAP successfully launched into space

Representatives from science and politics acknowledge the importance of the mission for the analysis of climate and environmental phenomena

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Two white off-road vehicles are parked on a grey scoria field on the volcano Etna and four people are digging the trench for the fibre optic cable with shovels.

Volcano monitoring using fibre optic cables

At the Etna volcano, a fibre optic cable was used as a sensor field to record volcanic events using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS).

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Portrait of Susanne Buiter in front of trees and a green meadow.

Susanne Buiter to head the GFZ

Susanne Buiter to head the GFZ. The Board of Trustees of the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences appoints Dutch geophysicist as Scientific Executive Director.

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Dried-up desert lake on the Arabian Peninsula with mountain range in the background

The story of a dried-up lake in the North Arabian desert

Unique sediments provide information about the climatic conditions several thousand years ago and allow insights into the history of human dispersal.

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Politicians stand aside an ice block and discuss with scientists the ice mass loss in Greenland

20th Anniversary of launch of GRACE with guests from politics, industry and science

The twin satellites commenced a unique data series: they map the Earth’s gravitational field and provide insights into the global water and ice regime.

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How to look thousands of kilometers deep into the Earth?

Rock properties are hard to measure under extreme pressure. Scientists present a simple solution for a very challenging problem.

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From open-pit mining to pumped-hydro power storage

Mining regions in transition: Six international partners in the GFZ-coordinated EU project ATLANTIS are investigating the after-use potential of former mining regions for energy storage.

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New estimate of the number of tree species on Earth

Worldwide research effort: more than 73,000 species of trees, 14 per cent more than previously thought. 9,000 of which have yet to be discovered.

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Survival at the upper temperature limit - thanks to fast metabolism

Researchers discover new surprising survival strategy of microorganisms at the absolute limit of life.

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Better predict induced seismicity

Novel modelling approach helps to understand and manage seismic activities connected with underground work.

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