Housing for visiting scientists

Flats for visiting scientists: First handover of keys as part of a new cooperation between the GFZ and ProPotsdam.

If you come to the GFZ as a guest for just a few months, it is not always easy to find accommodation in Potsdam's tight housing market. Now the GFZ has signed a cooperation agreement with the municipal housing company ProPotsdam to provide guest flats. Their allocation is regulated by the Welcome Centre of the GFZ.

Today, Stefan Schwartze, Administrative Director of the GFZ, received a symbolic key for the first flat at Brauhausberg 28 from ProPotsdam Managing Director Jörn-Michael Westphal.

Stefan Schwartze, Administrative Director of the German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam:

"We are pleased to be able to make an offer for our visiting scientists within the framework of the cooperation agreement so that they can live in Potsdam without complications. Given the tight housing situation, it is not easy to find adequate accommodation at short notice and often from abroad. The fantastic location on the Brauhausberg is ideal for our guests: close to the institute and close to the city. The cooperation with ProPotsdam increases our attractiveness for top international researchers and thus also has an important significance for the development of Potsdam as a city of science."

ProPotsdam Managing Director Jörn-Michael Westphal:

"At the beginning of this year, we introduced the ProPotsdam Bonus, an instrument with which Potsdamer:innen and people who work, train or study here are given preference for housing. The cooperation with the GFZ is now another important milestone in our leasing concepts to ensure housing for broad sections of the population and to develop offers of temporary housing for science."

ProPotsdam is the municipal housing company that manages and develops the municipal housing stock in the Brandenburg state capital.
In addition to the cooperation with the German Research Centre for Geosciences, ProPotsdam has entered into further cooperation agreements at the municipal level with the Ernst von Bergmann Clinic, the Potsdam public utility company and the Potsdam Women's Shelter to provide priority housing with the aim of making housing available at the place of work for employees and, in terms of sustainability, thus reducing commuting, enabling short journeys and increasing the attractiveness of the company as an employer.

(Correction: 2022-07-08)

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