Science needs diversity

Science needs diversity. This is our message for the 10th German Diversity Day. Research on Telegrafenberg is diverse. We gather to set an example for more diversity, which we want to enable and create.

Today, 31 May 2022, is the 10th German Diversity Day. The motto is: "Let's celebrate Diversity!

Our message for this day is:

Science needs diversity - and research at the Telegrafenberg is diverse! That's what we all stand for here: People with differences in their ethnic and social origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion and world view, age and physical characteristics. Only if we work together with our diverse personalities, skills and experiences, respecting and promoting each other, can we also master the diversity of challenges that science and global change present us with.

GFZ Executive Director Susanne Buiter adds:

"On this day, we are setting an example for diversity because it is a necessary condition for our work: without the diversity of perspectives that all our employees bring, we can neither decipher the puzzles of the past that our planet poses to us, nor answer the important questions of how a good future for our Earth can look like and be achieved. We show the diversity on the Telegrafenberg and at the same time know that we, as an international research centre, also need to get better here. More diversity is possible and necessary."

Diversity Charter signed

As a commitment to diversity at our centre and at the same time as an obligation to further promote it, the GFZ signed the "Diversity Charter" last year. This is an initiative of the Federal Government and of meanwhile more than 4,500 employers.

Beate Keßler, Human Resources Manager at the GFZ, says:

"In its foundation charter, the GeoForschungsZentrum has set itself the goal of ensuring a sustainable, equality-promoting, tolerant and discrimination-free culture. This is a great goal, because diversity is both an opportunity and a challenge and poses many questions for all of us: What does true equality of opportunity mean and how do we achieve and maintain it? What does a truly inclusive culture of cooperation look like, how does it feel in daily work? What can I contribute to it? What does this also demand of me? For diversity to succeed, we need common answers to these questions - and the courage to change, at all levels. With today's sign for diversity, we cordially invite everyone to help shape this development."

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