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Nine research stays funded with GFZ participation

"Broadening horizons" is the motto of the exchange programmes of the Helmholtz Information and Data Science Academy (HIDA). The Academy is now funding nine research stays with GFZ participation.

"Broadening horizons" is the motto of the exchange programmes of the Helmholtz Information and Data Science Academy (HIDA). This opportunity is now available to nine scientists whose three-month projects have been funded. Eight scientists are coming to the GFZ with their research projects. One GFZ scientist will be able to carry out her project at the Helmholtz Centre Halle (Centre for Environmental Research UFZ). We warmly congratulate the following researchers on the funding of their exciting projects:

  • Helen Feord (GFZ) with Adrian Lorenz (Centre for Environmental Research UFZ).
    "Establishing a FAIR principles-based workflow for the quantification and analysis of metaproteomes from algae-dominated cryobiomes from the Greenland Ice Sheet"
  • Adedibu Sunny Akingboye (Universitii Sains Malaysia) with Hui Tang(4.7)
    "Cognitive Data- and Image-Driven Modeling of Crustal Deformation and Landslides using K-Means Clustering, Convolution Neural Network, and Regression Approaches"   
  • Farnaz Bayat (University of Iceland) with Fabrice Cotton (2.6)
    "A new Near-Fault Earthquake Ground Motion Model for Iceland from Bayesian Hierarchical Inference of Big Data"
  •  Tobias Braun (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) withHui Tang (4.7)
     "Recurrence-based classification of seismic events in a steep mountain catchment"  
  • Shagun Garg (University of Cambridge) with Mahdi Motagh (1.4)
    “Interpretability and Physical Understanding of SAR-based Flood Detection in Arid Regions using deep learning”
  • Mauro Palo (University of Naples) with Frederik Tilmann(2.4)
    "Combination of unsupervised machine-learning and seismic-array techniques to depict 3D high-resolution fault planes: application to earthquakes from a seismic survey in Northern Chile"
  • Shailendra Pratap (Czech University of Life Sciences) with Achim Brauer (4.3)
    "Reconstruction of Holocene European hydroclimates from annually-resolved lake records"
  • Apoorva Singh (Indian Institute of Technology) with Heidi Kreibich (4.4)
    "Socio-hydrological Evolution of Floodplains using Semantic Segmentation and Domain Adaptation on Geospatial Big Data"
  • Chandra Has Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) with Martin Herold (1.4)
    "Scaling Above-Ground Biomass Estimation in Forests Using Terrestrial and UAV-Laser Scanning: A Calibration Workflow on an Individual Tree Basis with Error Estimation"

Broadening horizons - with HIDA

HIDA is Germany's largest postgraduate training network in the information and data sciences with the aim of promoting knowledge transfer in these fields within the Helmholtz Association and beyond. As the umbrella organisation for the six Helmholtz Information & Data Science Research Schools, HIDA promotes the training of more than 250 doctoral students at the interface between the data sciences and the Helmholtz research fields. HIDA also offers all Helmholtz junior researchers attractive opportunities to train and develop in a broad spectrum of methods and to become part of an international data science network.

In addition, HIDA establishes international and national exchange programmes for data science talents:
With the HIDA Trainee Network, HIDA specifically enables young Helmholtz junior scientists to spend one to three months doing research at another Helmholtz Centre and supports them financially.

In parallel, the Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Programme is open to data scientists from other research institutions, industry or abroad. Here, too, HIDA supports one to three-month guest stays at one of the 18 Helmholtz Centres. Future calls for proposals will be announced via "Projects & International". For further information on the programmes, please contact the persons listed below.

HIDA Liaison Officer

Dr. Jonas Kuppler

Helmholtz Incubator Representative

Head of Department Geoinformation

Priv. Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen

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