Martin Lipus receives 'Young Scientist Award 2021' at the Geothermal Congress DGK 2021

Martin Lipus receives 'Young Scientist Award 2021' at the Geothermal Congress DGK 2021.

At this year's Geothermal Congress on the 2nd of Decembre 2021, Dr.-Ing. Martin Peter Lipus received an award for "his pioneering patented work on assessing the integrity of geothermal wells with fibre-optic spatially distributed temperature and strain measurements in real time". The further development and validation of the patent-pending principle was significantly supported by the GFZ Innovation Fund. The award was handed over digitally by the President of the Bundesverband Geothermie e.V., Dr Erwin Knapek.

Martin Lipus received his doctorate from the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in February 2020 with a thesis in the field of deep drilling technology and has since been working as a scientist in the 'Section 2.2 Geophysical Imaging of the Subsurface' on spatially distributed fibre-optic measurement sensors for temperature, strain and acoustics.

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