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Joint IODP/ICDP-Colloquium at GFZ

In the beginning of November, the joint colloquium of the "International Ocean Discovery Program" (IODP) and the "International Continental Scientific Drilling Progr

After a two-year pandemic break, the joint colloquium of the DFG Infrastructure Priority Programs "International Ocean Discovery Program" (IODP) and "International Continental Scientific Drilling Program" (ICDP) took place in presence from 1-3 November 2022 at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam. Approximately 170 participants of both programs as well as members of IODP expeditions presented their project results on 79 posters and in 30 talks and reported on their activities in discussions.

Poster award for Cecile Blanchet

Cecile Blanchet from GFZ-section 4.3 “Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution” won a poster prize for her contribution "The 8.2 ka event in the Dead Sea: tracking a high-latitude disturbance in the Mediterranean".

Importance of meetings in person

The lively participation and the feedback from the participants to the organizing sections 4.3 “Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution”, 3.7 “Geomicrobiology” as well as 2.1 “Earthquake and Volcano Physics” showed that the direct exchange of colleagues in person cannot be replaced by virtual events, especially for young scientists.

The abstracts of the contributions are available online:

Follow-up scientific drilling workshop

Directly after the colloquium, graduates, doctoral students and post-docs in the geosciences were given a basic insight and practical training in scientific drilling and the collection of samples as well as data and their evaluation at the two-day GESEP course2022 of the German Research Drilling Consortium https://www.gesep.de. Among other things, paleoclimate archives from lakes, the path from sediment deposition via core drilling, sampling and examination to the result were shown in the laboratories of the Climate Dynamics and Landscape Development Section.

Geoshow “Underground” on 17.11.2022 at Urania Berlin

For organizational reasons, the geoshow "Underground", which is part of the colloquium, will be held separately from the colloquium this year and can therefore be visited on 17.11.2022 in the Humboldt Hall of the Urania Berlin https://www.geo-x.net/iodp-icdp2022/geo-show-unterirdisch/.

The next DFG IODP/ICDP Colloquium is planned for 2023 in Hannover.

Additional News

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