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GFZ is one of "Germany's best employers"

Ranked 70th out of 2600 large employers in Germany: The GFZ is one of "Germany's best employers" according to the survey by the market research company Statista.

Would you recommend your employer to friends and family? The market research company Statista asked more than 43,000 employees about their own employer and other employers in the same branch. A total of about one million assessments were evaluated for the ranking. In its current issue, the magazine 'Der Stern' reports exclusively on the results of the major survey "Germany's Best Employer 2023". The German Research Centre for Geosciences was placed in the top third, reaching 6th place out of a total of 25 employers in its sector ('Consulting, Research and Technology'). In the overall ranking across all sectors, the GFZ made it to 70th place out of a total of about 2,600 employers.

The more than 2,600 employers in Germany were identified based on available industry lists, renowned company databases and through Desk Research. In order for an employer to be considered for participation and an award, it must be of a certain size: companies/institutions only count if they have at least 500 employees. The large-scale online survey took place between 3 June and 29 June 2022 and included questions on image, cooperation and supervisor behaviour at the GFZ, opportunities for further development, pay, working conditions and equipment. Also included were the employees' assessments of sustainability and the work-life balance at the workplace. The respondents were able to give their assessment of various statements. The statements, which were rated on a scale of 1 (= does not apply at all) to 5 (= fully applies), included for example: "There is a climate of fairness and trust," "Women and men have the same opportunities for further development," or "It is easy to combine work and leisure. 


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