Mapping heat flow beneath Greenland: “It’s a geothermal freak zone for sure”

Mapping heat flow: Greenland and the surrounding ocean floor hold great hope for geothermal energy as an alternative source of energy but have effectively been a blind spot so far.

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Trees in the Albert Einstein Science Park.

How does forest restoration affect water cycles?

Impacts of large-scale afforestation on precipitation reach far beyond country or even continent level: tree restoration in the Amazon region can, for example, affect rainfall in Europe and Eastern Asia.

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View over the roofs of Berlin. Tower of Berlin in the background.

Geothermal energy can bring about a heat turnaround!

GFZ presents core messages from the joint "Roadmap Deep Geothermal Energy for Germany" at the Berlin Energy Days 2022.

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Many people sit on the edge of a shallow volcano that is in the process of erupting on the magma stream.

Precursory process of 2021 volcanic eruption in Iceland documented

New model explains sudden uplift and quick subsidence and offers rare insights into process-es deep below the surface


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Two maps of Europe: on the left, areas with high seismic risk are marked in red, on the right, areas with high seismic risk.

New earthquake assessments available to strengthen preparedness in Europe

Large European team updates earthquake hazard model and presents the first earthquake risk model for Europe.

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Barren canyon with layered sediment structure, the Dead Sea in the background.

News from the climate history of the Dead Sea

Sediment analyses of unprecedented accuracy reveal phases of stability during periods of strong climate change around 15,000 years ago.

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Friedhelm von Blanckenburg sitting, leaning on the table. Computer in the backround.

GFZ Geochemist Friedhelm von Blanckenburg awarded European ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Advanced Grant for Friedhelm von Blanckenburg: The geochemist researches the weathering of basalt and limestone and the associated potential for removing atmospheric CO2.

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Coloured lines in a measurement diagram show the sudden onset of a signal

Real-time monitoring of seismic events with submarine fibre optic cable from Telecom Italia

Science successfully uses the existing infrastructure between the island of Vulcano and Milazzo in Sicily.

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Panel discussion of five people in front of a screen. On the side a German, European and American flag each

"Great scientific record"

Celebration of 20-year anniversary of the launch of the GRACE mission (with NASA-JPL DLR and GFZ) at the German Embassy in Washington: "Great scientific record" and future plans.

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TEM image: below single dots represent the perfect crystal structure in atomic resolution, above the thin disordered amorphous layer. On top, the protective layer.

New insights into weathering processes on icy celestial bodies

High-resolution measurements with the PISA Facility's new sub-Ångström transmission electron microscope contribute to a deeper understanding of weathering processes on icy celestial bodies.

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