GFZ Social Media Communication

Here we offer an overview on the Social Media activities of the GFZ public relations office as well as selected other GFZ activities. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our News-Feed to keep yourself updated on our activities and offers.

The editorial team

Ariane Kujau (ak), Online Communication, phone: +49 331 288-1043, E-Mail

Josef Zens (jz), Head of Media and Communication, phone: +49 331 288-1040, E-Mail

Heinrich Hecht (he), Editor for Audiovisual Media, phone: +49 331 288-1028,  E-Mail

Franz Paersch (fp), Volunteer Social Service/natural sciences,  E-Mail


Ariane Kujau
Dr. Ariane Kujau
Public Relations
Building G, Room 223
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1043