RIESGOS Kickoff-Meeting

The project RIESGOS was officially launched with a kickoff meeting at the "Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt" on December 7.

GRACE-FO satellites on their way to the launch pad

After successful testing the twin satellites arrived at the launch site Vandenberg Airforce Base in California.

German YES Chapter founded

German branch of the Young Earth Scientists network founded at the GFZ.

Seismic monitoring of rockfalls and landslides can protect human lives

Landslides and rockfalls are a significant hazard in mountain regions. A project in Switzerland investigates triggers.

First Earthquake-monitoring-network for Central Asia installed

In a case study scientists installed the first seismic network for earthquake monitoring and early warning in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Droht ein Vulkanausbruch auf Bali?

Rivers of Havel and Spree: Transformed by humans already more than eight hundred years ago

Not just since the recent past humans form their environment. For thousands of years now humans settle in Central...

Searching for the “lost nitrogen“ – Diamonds deliver insights into the chemistry of the deep Earth’s interior

Nitrogen is one of the most enigmatic elements within system Earth. No matter where in the world scientists take measurements, in the atmosphere or in solid rock, everywhere they come across the “missing nitrogen“ problem: compared to other...

GFZ misst Signale eines mutmaßlichen Kernwaffentests

03.09.2017: Das seismologische GEOFON-Messnetz hat Signale aufgezeichnet, die offenbar von einem Kernwaffentest auf dem Gebiet von Nordkorea stammen. Die Erschütterungen ereigneten sich um 5:30 Uhr (MESZ) und erreichten eine Magnitude von 6.3....

In flooded permafrost microbes slowly awake from „ice age-hibernation“

Wide areas of sea floor in arctic shallow waters consist of permafrost. So far, little is known about how microorganisms in these soils below sea level react on increased warming. Scientists of the Helmholtz Young Investigators group MicroCene, led...