Report | Damaged Roads, Drones and Aftershocks

GFZ's HART-Team going Down Under: Tracking the enigmatic Earthquake in Kaikoura (New Zealand)

Enigmatic – the attribute is often used to describe the Kaikoura-Earthquake on November 14th 2016. Though, a lot of energy was released (magnitude 7.8)...

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Bericht | Neujahrsempfang zu 25 Jahren GFZ

25 Jahre GFZ und fast 140 Jahre Geoforschung auf dem Telegrafenberg - über 400 Gäste nahmen am gestrigen Neujahrsempfang teil, um den in diesem Jahr ganz besonderen Geburtstag des GeoForschungsZentrums zu feiern. Von Aufbruchstimmung, großen Visionen...

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An Integrated Observation System for the Arctic Zone

Due to a number of reasons including e.g. increasing temperatures, a thinning and decrease of the ice mass and thawing of permafrost, the Arctic has become a particularly sensitive and rapidly changing region. Nevertheless, the Arctic has still not...

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