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ICDP Science Plan 2020-2030

“Billions of Years of Earth Evolution” is the overarching motto for the new Science Plan of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, ICDP.

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Are foreshocks a systematic indicator for upcoming earthquakes?

New findings from Istanbul raise hope that preceding signs of massive earthquakes can be detected.

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Rebirth of a volcano

For the first time, long-term photogrammetic series document the "life cycle" of a volcano. The analyses shows that volcanoes have a kind of memory.

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Giant particle accelerator in the sky

Electrons are locally heated to extremely high energies within the Van Allen Radiation Belts, new study finds.

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Drought in Europe decreases carbon uptake and crop yields

Extremely hot and dry summers are expected to be much more frequent in the future due to climate change.

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Failures of Germany‘s largest cliff coast sensed by seismometers

Dry summers are increasing the risk of large cliff collapses.

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Artificial Intelligence Learns Continental Hydrology

The complex distribution of continental water masses in South America has been determined with a new Deep-Learning-Method using satellite data.

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Geothermal Energy from Shell Limestone

The ATES iQ project aims to demonstrate whether the carbonate rocks 500 meters below Berlin are suitable for heating buildings.

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Greenland Ice Sheet Shows Losses in 2019

AWI researchers confirm record ice losses in Greenland in 2019 based on data from the GFZ/NASA satellite mission GRACE Follow-On.

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Das Bild vom Hafen in einem Format, welches in den entsprechenden Rahmen auf der Startseite passt. Das Forschungsschiff liegt im Hafen. Der Himmel ist bewölkt, aber blau. Das Meer ist ruhig. An Land ein asphaltierter Parkplatz mit Palmen direkt an der Hafenkante. Menschen sitzen und spazieren dort.

Life at its Limits

Microbes in the seabed survive on far less energy than has been shown ever before.

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