Interview | Galina Dick: "Meteorologists are enthusiastic about GNSS water vapour data".

We talk to Galina Dick about the use of satellite navigation signals in meteorology and climate research.

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Interview | Elisa Fagiolini about her startup project WaMoS (Water Monitoring from Space).

Interview with Elisa Fagiolini, researcher in Section Global Geomonitoring and Gravity Field, about her startup project WaMoS (Water Monitoring from Space).

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Interview | Jens Wickert: "The future belongs to small satellites"

We talk to Jens Wickert about the future of navigation satellites and the use of their signals in remote sensing.

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Interview | "A great opportunity for our method development" - interview with Maximilian Semmling, head of GNSS reflectometry working group

"A great opportunity for our method development" - Maximilian Semmling on GNSS reflectometry and his research project within the Arctic expedition MOSAiC.

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Interview | Seismology and seismic hazard assessement - Interview with Claus Milkereit

"Our course can only be a starting point" - Claus Milkereit leads the training course Seismology and Seismic Hazard Assessment at GFZ.

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Interview | Constanza Rodriguez Piceda und Marisa Repasch: StRATEGy - Understanding the relationship between tectonic processes and climate

We talk to the PhD students Constanza Rodriguez Piceda and Marisa Repasch who participate in the project StRATEGy that investigates the interactions of tectonics and climate.

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