International Training Course "Seismology and Seismic Hazard Assessment" at GFZ

10.08.2015|Potsdam: From 10 August to 4 September 2015, this year’s international training course on "Seismology, Data Analysis, and Seismic Hazard Assessment" is taking place on the “Telegrafenberg” in Potsdam.

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'Green Light' for satellite tandem GRACE Follow-On

06.08.2015: The satellite tandem GRACE (Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment) Follow-On is well on its way for a start of its mission to space in August 2017. A technical assessment of its subsystems by the primarily responsive space agency NASA...

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Microbial lid. Microbial activity in submarine permafrost limits release of greenhouse gas methane

30.07.2015: Thawing submarine permafrost is not the source of high methane (CH4) concentrations in sea water off the arctic Russian coast. The current issue of the scientific journal Nature Climate Change discusses recent findings of a team of...

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Head of EWS Centre, Stefano Parolai, appointed professor

22.07.2015|Berlin: At the suggestion of Faculty VI “Planen Bauen Umwelt” of the Technical University (TU) of Berlin, today Stefano Parolai is awarded the academic distinction of an extraordinary professor in Engineering Seismology. Stefano Parolai is...

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Flood risk in urban areas - 3D-city models as analysis tools

15.07.2015|Potsdam: Floodings in urban areas cause severe damage. 3D-city models can play a key role in supporting future risk analysis and resilience. Today at GFZ, users of 3D-city models and stakeholders meet for an exchange of experiences.

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Kick-off Workshop for Trilateral Project PALEX – Paleo Climate Research in the Middle East

13.07.2015: Within the framework of the research project PALEX (Paleoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – Levante: Paleohydrology and Extreme Flood Events) sedimentologists, hydrologists and geochemists from Germany, Israel and Palestine are...

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Successful: Cement on Top of Carbon Dioxide

04.07.2015| Successful: Cement on Top of Carbon Dioxide
Today the final phase of the project on the geological storage of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide at Ketzin/Havel started with the abandonment of the first of five wellbores.

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Two new appointments: Prof. Taylor Schildgen and Prof. Emmanuel Müller

01.07.2015: On July 1st, two scientists take up their joint appointments as Professors between the GFZ and Potsdam University. Prof. Taylor Schildgen now holds a Professorship on the topic „Landscape Evolution and Climate Interaction“, Prof. Emmanuel...

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New IAG President and IAGA Vice President come from GFZ

01.07.2015: Prof. Harald Schuh, Director of GFZ department „Geodesy and Remote Sensing“, was elected as new president of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG), coming on duty on Juli 1st. Furthermore, this weekend Dr. Monika Korte, GFZ...

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Safe, not only while on vacation

30.06.2015| Safe on holiday, Leaflets on Earthquakes and Tsunami: At the beginning of the main vacation time the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences would like to point all holidaymakers and tourists who travel in earthquake- and tsunami-prone...

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