New light into the recent evolution of the African rift valley

Field research on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya provides new insights into the break-up of continents.

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Earthshape - German-Chilean research project enters second phase

From 4 to 15 March, the launch event of the second phase of the 'Earthshape - Earth Surface Shaping by Biota' project takes place in Chile.

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Report | Colombian Trade Minister and Ambassador visiting GFZ

On 8 March, the Colombian Minister for Trade, Industry, and Tourism, and the Colombian Ambassador to Germany visited GFZ.

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Tracking satellites by laser

GFZ spin-off builds new SLR station in Japan.

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Second round for GFZ Discovery PostDoc Fellowship

For the second time, GFZ offers two PostDoc positions that aim at adding to the future direction of GFZ’s research.

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Personalia | Two lecture tour awards to Sarah Gleeson

Geochemist Sarah Gleeson will give lectures worldwide “to inspire the next generation of geologists”.

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„Radiance Light Trends“ shows changes in Earth’s light emissions

Website allows anyone to analyse lighting trends observed by satellites since 1992.

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Personalia | New GFZ section Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics headed by Doris Dransch

Doris Dransch is Head of the new GFZ section Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics.

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Dry summers were not uncommon also a thousand years ago

Studies on medieval tree rings help to better classify the man-made contribution to climate change.

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Report | 10th European Geothermal PhD Day

From the 25 to 27 February international PhD students doing their PhD in the field of geothermal energy meet on Telegrafenberg.

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