Personalia | Reinhard Hüttl becomes new Vice President of the Society of German Natural Scientists and Physicians

Reinhard Hüttl takes over the honorary office of Vice President of the Society of German Natural Scientists GDNÄ.

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First detection of rain over the ocean by navigation satellites

Reflected GNSS signals provide information on precipitation over the sea.

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Report | Gesellschaft für Forschungssoftware in Berlin gegründet

The new association of German Research Software Engineers engages in the digitalization of research and science.

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Large earthquakes can trigger and inhibit volcanic activities

A shaking table experiment shows impacts of earthquakes on volcanic activity.

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Personalia | Bruno Merz and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg are this year's AGU Fellows 2018 award winners

Bruno Merz and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg receive their AGU Fellow 2018 certificates at the AGU Autumn Meeting 2018 in Washington D.C..

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New research group for the evaluation of gravity field data

German Research Foundation DFG funds new research group with speaker Frank Flechtner from TU Berlin and GFZ.

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Warum sich Teheran gefährlich absenkt

Erhöhter Wasserbedarf führt zu Grundwasserausbeutung.

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Report | Learning in the seismic real lab

German-Afghan seismology training course witnesses a quake of magnitude 5.2.

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Viewpoint | Reinhard Hüttl "climate engineering is feasible, and in my opinion makes sense"

Reinhard Hüttl speaks in favor of further exploration and technological implementation of CCS.

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"Berufsbildung ohne Grenzen" award for GFZ

"Berufsbildung ohne Grenzen" award by the Potsda, Chamber of Industry and Commerce for GFZ.

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Additional News

Earthshape - German-Chilean research project enters second phase

Report | Colombian Trade Minister and Ambassador visiting GFZ

Tracking satellites by laser

Second round for GFZ Discovery PostDoc Fellowship

Personalia | Two lecture tour awards to Sarah Gleeson

„Radiance Light Trends“ shows changes in Earth’s light emissions

Personalia | New GFZ section Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics headed by Doris Dransch

Dry summers were not uncommon also a thousand years ago

Report | 10th European Geothermal PhD Day

Personalia | Golden Master's Certificate in gold for Lutz Hannemann