POTSDAM SUMMER SCHOOL 2021 | Water: Our Global Common Good - The Hydrosphere across Land and Sea

The Potsdam Summer School is aimed at talented young researchers and young professionals from the private sector, government agencies and non-governmental organizations from all over the world. Applications are now possible. The application deadline...

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New issue “System Earth”: Cover Story Transfer

New issue "System Earth" with the cover story "Transfer" has recently been published. The current issue provides an insight into the range of knowledge and technology transfer at the GFZ.

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Humboldt Research Award Winner Prof. Dr. Jeroen Aerts

Prof. Dr. Jeroen Aerts from the VU Amsterdam (Netherlands) received the Humboldt-Research Award and will conduct research in Section 4.4 - Hydrology.

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Lake in the jungle: new insights into the development of the Earth's atmosphere 3 bn years ago

Surprising finding: microbes primarily release methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas.

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Planetary index of geomagnetic activity

One of the most important international indices of geomagnetic disturbances, the Kp index, has been given a DOI to track its worldwide use.

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Mountain growth influences greenhouse effect

Weathering of rocks can bind or release carbon dioxide – In active mountain ranges, carbon-dioxide release strongly dominates

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Frank Flechtner honoured with the AIAA International Cooperation Award

Frank Flechtner honoured with the AIAA International Cooperation Award.

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Prof. Dr. Dirk Wagner new head of Department 3 - Geochemistry

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wagner was appointed as the new head of Department 3 - Geochemistry.

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Preconditions for life already 3.5 billion years ago

For the first time, organic molecules could be detected in such old liquids as possible nutrients for primordial microbes.

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Dr. Dirk Sachse is the new director of Topic 5 "Future Landscapes" at the GFZ

Dr. Dirk Sachse has taken on the role of Director of Topic 5 „Future Landscapes“ for the GFZ in the current research programme PoF IV (2021-2027).

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Additional News

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