Beneath our Feet - a Soil Workshop for little researchers

12.08.2014: On August 12, at 9:30 h the first Summer School, organized by the GFZ GeoWunderWerkstatt GWW, entitled “Beneath our Feet - a Soil Workshop” gets off to a start.

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Foreshock series controls earthquake rupture

13.08.2014|Potsdam: A long lasting foreshock series controlled the rupture process of this year’s great earthquake near Iquique in northern Chile. The earthquake was heralded by a three quarter year long foreshock series of ever increasing magnitudes...

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Microbiological samples from GFZ in the International Space Station (ISS)

23.07.2014: Researchers at the GFZ will send microbiological samples from Siberian permafrost to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the Biology and Mars Experiment (BIOMEX). This interdisciplinary project of the European Space Agency...

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DFG Priority Program „DynamicEarth“, July 3-4, : Global Change in Satellite's View

03.07.2014: In the frame of the recently established DFG Priority Program „DynamicEarth” the first workshop is taking place at GFZ at the 3rd and 4th of July. During the meeting first project ideas will be presented to be carried out within the next...

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Free scope for research – Helmholtz International Fellow Award winners selected

Berlin, 27 June 2014| Berlin:The Helmholtz Association has chosen eight outstanding scientists as recipients of the third round of the Helmholtz International Fellow Award. In addition to the prize money of €20,000 each, the Fellows are invited to...

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Zehn Jahre Kindertagesstätte „Geolino“ für Telegrafenbergforscher (only available in German)

Zehn Jahre Kindertagesstätte „Geolino“ für Telegrafenbergforscher
01.07.2014: Die Kindertagesstätte "Geolino" feiert ihr zehnjähriges Bestehen im Beisein von Elona Müller-Peinesberger (Stadt Potsdam, Beigeordnete für Soziales, Jugend, Gesundheit und...

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Probing the solar corona with very long baseline interferometry (VLBI)

25.06.2014: Researchers at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences have found a new method for studying the structure of the solar corona using radio interferometry. The solar corona is the outer part of the Sun's atmosphere and consists of...

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Potsdam Summer School "Arctic in the Anthropocene"

19.06.2014: IASS, GFZ, AWI, PIK and the University of Potsdam will be jointly hosting the „Potsdam Summer School“ (PSS 2014) from June 23 to July 4, 2014. The aim of this international two-week summer school is to provide information on the causes...

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AvH-Bessel Awardee T.W. Becker visits GFZ

06.06.2014: Thorsten W. Becker of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, is visiting GFZ between June and August 2014.

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Asymmetric Continental Margins and the Slow Birth of an Ocean

Asymmetric continental margins and the slow birth of an ocean
06.06.2014: When South America split from Africa 150 to 120 million years ago, the South Atlantic formed and separated Brazil from Angola. The continental margins formed through this...

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Additional News

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Oliver Bens new Co-Director of the Central - Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences...

Christoph Sens-Schönfelder joined the Editorial Board of the Geophysical Journal...