Report | Plate tectonics and mountain building – Future Career Day at GFZ

17th Future Career Day at GFZ (photo: GFZ).

On the 17th Brandenburg Future Career Day (‚Zukunftstag‘) on 28 March, about 30 school children from Potsdam and environs visit GFZ to gain an insight into the daily work of a geoscientist. The day is dedicated to the topic of plate tectonics and mountain formation, which are investigated at GFZ along with numerous other topics.

Organised by the GFZ School Lab, the girls and boys visit various laboratories - from the GeoBioLab, where microbes in sediments are examined, for example, to the Analogue Laboratory, which investigates processes behind the deformation of the Earth's surface - to test their geo-knowledge in a quiz, learn about the latest research in the fields of earthquakes, satellites, and climate in lectures or experiment with circulation in the oceans.

This year, Thomas Drescher, Brandenburg's State Secretary for Education, Youth, and Sport, visits GFZ on the Future Career Day to invite the pupils to a round table discussion.

On the Future Career Day for girls and boys, companies, universities, and many other institutions in the state of Brandenburg provide pupils from grade 7 upwards with an insight into a wide range of fields of work. The aim is to make it easier for girls and boys to choose a career. Minister of Education Britta Ernst: "The Future Carrer Day offers pupils the great opportunity to get to know the world of work very close". The Brandenburg Future Career Day takes place at the same time as the nationwide Girls' and Boys' Day and is funded by the European Social Fund and supervised by the Ministry of Education. (ak)

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