Help for self-help – International Training Course on seismology and seismic hazard assessment in Myanmar

Again and again Southeast Asia is affected by natural hazards. The most remembered painful event so far was with no doubt the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean of 2004, triggered by an earthquake, which caused the death of more than 230,000...

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Personalia | New Head for GFZ section Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry

Professor Sarah Gleeson is new Head of GFZ Section Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry, starting on 1 October. She succeeds Professor Jörg Erzinger who retires after a successful career at the GFZ. At the same time Sarah Gleeson takes up a joint...

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Personalia | Change of president at acatech – Professor Spath will succeed Professor Hüttl

After two terms in office, Professor Reinhard F. J. Hüttl, Chairman of the Board and Scientific Executive Director of the GFZ, will hand over his office as President of acatech, the German Academy of Engineering and Technology, as of February 8, 2017...

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Personalia | Professor Horsfield elected to the AAPG House of Delegates

Professor Brian Horsfield, Head of the GFZ section Organic Geochemistry, has been elected to the House of Delegates of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, AAPG. He will hold this office from 2017 to 2019 as a representative for the...

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A perfect sun-storm

A geomagnetic storm on January 17, 2013, provided unique observations that finally resolved a long-standing scientific problem. For decades, scientists had asked how particles hitting the Earth's magnetosphere were lost. A likely mechanism involved...

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Personalia | Paul-Ramdohr Prize for Martin Kutzschbach

The PhD student Martin Kutzschbach, GFZ section Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials, was awarded with the Paul-Ramdohr Prize of the German Mineralogical Society, DMG, at the European Mineralogical Conference, EMC 2016 in Rimini, Italy. Like...

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Are landslides an important climate factor?

"These ideas have the potential to transform how we understand weathering processes": This is the explanation of the editors of the science journal Earth Surface Dynamics for electing an article, published by a team around the PhD student Robert...

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Digital mapping and monitoring of soils - EUFAR Soil Spectroscopy Workshop 2016

26.09.2016: How can emerging remote sensing technologies support the digital mapping and monitoring of soils? To find answers on this question, the Remote Sensing, and the Tel-Aviv University, Israel, conduct a workshop on the "Implementation of Soil...

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Turbulences within the ionosphere may disturb GPS satellite signals

Turbulences within the Ionosphere, the uppermost part of Earth’s atmosphere, may cause signal loss detected for Swarm satellite navigation. This result was published in the scientific journal Space Weather by a team of scientists from the GFZ section...

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Geo.X Career Day 2016

Young scientists can ask themselves the question, what to do after finishing their PhD or following on a Postdoc phase. Staying in science or switching to other career paths? Last Wednesday 90 participants took part in the Geo.X Career Day on the...

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Additional News

Charlotte Krawczyk has been elected to the Senate of the German Research Foundation

Typhoon changed earthquake patterns

Seismische Aufzeichnung der Sprengung einer Weltkriegsbombe

Stefan Kranz appointed to the Guideline Committee "Thermal use of the underground;...

Statement zur Nationalen Wasserstoffstrategie

Which factors control the height of mountains?

Restricted operation still in place at GFZ

Why the Victoria Plate in Africa rotates

Bruno Merz has been awarded the "Volker Medal"

Theresa Blume nominated Chief Executive Editor of HESS