Physics laboratory technician Robert Peksa honoured by IHK as best in Germany

Award ceremony of the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Christian Cunow (GFZ), Robert Peksa (GFZ), Wolgang Spieß (IHK). Photo: Kathleen Friedrich.

The Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) honoured the most successful graduates of training and further education in commercial and industrial professions at the "Stars of Education" awards ceremony. The physics laboratory technician Robert Peksa from the GFZ received special recognition as the best in Germany. We congratulate him on this outstanding achievement.

Robert Peksa achieved 98 points in the IHK examinations, the highest score of all participants from the various companies. A total of 2,280 trainees and people who had taken part in further training took part in the exams.

As a physics laboratory technician at the GFZ, Robert Peksa is based in Section 4.8 Geoenergy and works here in the "Exploration of Thermal Geosystems" working group. Robert Peksa was trained by Christian Cunow. His workplace was mainly the high-pressure laboratory and the laboratory for thermal petrophysics. Beyond the training content, he was trained in the use of fibre optic measurements, pore space analyses and high-pressure experiments. Especially for these, he has also carried out a lot of software programming, among other things. His interests are control, measurement and regulation technology.

Robert Peksa's current tasks mainly include the technical support of the Itherlab experiment and field operations.

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