Personalia | Werner Köckeritz accepted as a member of the Executive Committee of the Federal Association of IT Users

Dr. Werner Köckeritz (photo: private).

On May 9, Werner Köckeritz , GFZ CIO, has been appointed as a member of the Presidium of the Federal Association of IT Users 'VOICE'. He is a co-opted member and thus appointed to represent a special topic. His main focus will be on digitization and coordination of IT optimization in the public sector, including research and universities.

Werner Köckeritz has been CIO at the GFZ since 2015. His focus is on strategy development, process optimization, and digitization. In his new position, he is integrated in a broad network of IT managers, with 400 members and 450 IT managers active in the association.

According to the new chairman Hans-Joachim Popp, CIO of BW-Consulting, the Federal Association is a knowledge and exchange platform for digital decision-makers and represents the interests of IT-using companies against politics and IT-industry. (ak)

VOICE press release

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