Personalia | Three awards for GFZ scientists by the European Geoscience Union EGU

Prof. Jean Braun (photo: private).
Dr. Chao Xiong (photo: private).
Irina Zhelavskaya (photo: private).

At this year's annual conference of the European Geosciences Union EGU in Vienna, Austria, three GFZ scientists are honoured. Jean Braun , Head of section Earth Surface Process Modeling, receives the Arthur Holmes Medal, Chao Xiong , scientist in section Geomagnetism receives the Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award, and PhD student Irina Zhelavskaya  from section Magnetospheric Physics this year receives the Outstanding Student Poster Award for 2018.

The Arthur Holmes Medal for Jean Braun is associated with an honorary membership in the EGU and, according to the organizer, is awarded to "scientists who have achieved exceptional international standing in solid Earth geosciences, defined in their widest senses, for their merit and their scientific achievements".

Chao Xiong receives the Outstanding Early Career Scientists Award in the field of Solar Terrestrial Sciences for "outstanding research on the effects of space weather on the thermosphere and ionosphere".

Irina Zhelavskaya receives the award for her poster entitled: 'Systematic analysis of machine learning techniques for Kp prediction in the framework of the H2020 project SWAMI', also in the field of Solar Terrestrial Sciences. (ak)

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