Personalia | New Steering Committee Geomagnetic Observatories

Von links nach rechts: A. Morschhauser (GFZ), C. Stolle (GFZ), N. Olsen (DTU), J. Matzka (GFZ), H. Soffel, A. Jackson (ETH), A. Rudloff (GFZ), L. Chau (IAP-Kborn), M. Weber (GFZ; Foto: Haseloff, GFZ).

Since this October, the steering committee of the GFZ Adolf Schmidt Observatory for Geomagnetism Lenkungsausschuss Geomagnetische Observatorien in Niemegk has new members. The steering committee advises the GFZ Executive Board and represents the interests of the user of this global research infrastructure.

The new members of the steering committee are: Prof. Andrew Jackson, ETH Zurich, Prof. Nils Olsen, Technical University Denmark (DTU), and Prof. Dr. Jorge Chau Leibniz Institute for Physics of the Atmosphere Kühlungsborn (IAP-Kborn). On the first meeting of the new committee on 1 October, the former head of the committee, Prof. Heinrich Soffel, was given a ceremonial farewell. New head of the committee is Prof. Andrew Jackson.

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