Personalia | New Head for GFZ section Organic Geochemistry

Dr. Kai Mangelsdorf (rechts) wird Nachfolger von Prof. Brian Horsfield (Foto: GFZ).

26.04.2017: On the first of April Kai Mangelsdorf became provisional Head of the GFZ section Organic Geochemistry. He succeeds Brian Horsfield who was Head of section since 2001. Brian Horsfield was given a ceremonial farewell colloquium on last Friday.

In 2001 Kai Mangelsdorf came to the GFZ to establish the research field of biogeochemistry within the section Organic Geochemistry. Since 2006 he is laboratory Head of the analytical laboratory of the section. His research focus is on investigating the microbial life in the deep surface and other extreme environments. Of special interest are the composition, functionality, and distribution of the microbes and their interaction with their environments. He also uses his results to interpret environmental and climatic changes of the past. Kai Mangelsdorf graduated in Chemistry at the University of Oldenburg and did a PhD in the field of organic geochemistry.

Brian Horsfield came to the GFZ in 2001 after having worked for the Forschungszentrum Jülich, to become Head of the Organic Geochemistry section. Here, his research focused on the origin and fate of organic matter in sediments, especially on hydrocarbon systems. Emphasis was also on the interaction of the deep biosphere with sedimentary organic matter. (ak)

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