Personalia | Michael Wiedenbeck has been appointed as Reseach Associate by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Dr. Michael Wiedenbeck in the SIMS Lab (photo: GFZ).

Michael Wiedenbeck, head of the SIMS lab at the GFZ, has been appointed as Research Associate by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. The position enables him to access the specimen of the museum in close collaboration with scientists at the Royal Ontario Museum.

With the secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS), Wiedenbeck and his team investigate the isotopic composition of a broad spectrum of Earth materials, obtaining information from samples at the picogram scale (one picogram being equivalent to a trillionth of a gram). The isotopic composition of a mineral can, for example, provide information about its age.

The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest science museum with collections that span art, culture, and nature. It is among North America’s most renowned museums, housing more than 12 million objects and specimens, including objects originating from North America's earliest inhabitants to meteorites. Of major interest for Michael Wiedenbeck is the museum's exquisite mineral collection.

Royal Ontario Museum

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