Personalia | Mahdi Motagh is appointed visiting professor in Wuhan, China

f.l.t.r.: Prof. Tao Li (GNSS Research Center), Prof. Mahdi Motagh, Prof. Liu Jingnan (former President of the Wuhan University; picture by courtesy of: L. Tao, Wuhan University, China).

Mahdi Motagh, GFZ section Remote Sensing, is appointed as guest Professor at Wuhan University in China.

Motagh, who already holds a joint professorship in Radar Remote Sensing at the GFZ and the Leibniz University of Hannover, will closely collaborate with the GNSS (‘Global Navigation Satellite Systems’) Research Center of the Wuhan University. One aim of this professorship is the promotion of a closer collaboration between the university and the GFZ in the field of radar remote sensing. The focus of the work will be the application of satellite remote sensing data to investigate deformation processes related to various types of disasters and engineering applications such as earthquakes, landslides, water reservoirs, and anthropogenic activities in urban areas (ak).

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