Personalia | Liane Benning named a 2020 “Geochemistry Fellow”

Liane Benning (Photo: Phil Dera).

In 1996, the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry established the honorary title of “Geochemistry Fellow”, to be bestowed upon outstanding scientists who have, over some years, made a major contribution to the field of geochemistry. For 2020, Liane G. Benning , Head of the Section “Interface Geochemistry” was made a “Geochemistry Fellow” together with 11 other researchers from around the world.

The Geochemical Society writes the fellowship is awarded to Liane G. Benning “for long and varied contributions to our fundamental understanding of near surface geochemical processes including abiotic and biotic controls on mineral nucleation and growth, and the role of microbes on glacial melting and global climate. Liane has also played a major role in applying and developing novel nanoscale and spectroscopic tools to quantifying natural processes”.

Further information:
Geochemistry Fellow site at the European Association of Geochemistry’s website

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