Personalia | Kirsten Elger becomes Chief Executive Editor of the journal Earth System Science Data

Dr. Kirsten Elger (photo: GFZ).

With the beginning of the new year, Kirsten Elger , Library and Information Services at GFZ, takes over the main editorial responsibility for the journal Earth System Science Data ESSD. She was already one of five chief editors of the journal since November 2018.

ESSD was founded in 2008 by the scientific publisher Copernicus as the world's first data journal. In November 2018 Kirsten Elger was appointed as one of five editors-in-chief. Following a restructuring, starting on 7 January, 2020, Kirsten Elger now heads an editorial team as Chief Executive Editor. In addition, the editorial team consists of a Senior Chief Editor and two other Chief Editors. The editorial team is supported by a Managing Editor.

ESSD publishes articles on geoscientific data, with topics ranging from the carbon cycle and marine research to seismics and geodesy. All data belonging to a publication must be made accessible via a research data repositories such as Pangaea or GFZ Data Services. The special feature of the data journal compared to a "normal" scientific journal is that not only the texts but also the data are reviewed. ESSD thus makes an important contribution to the quality of data and their reusability. (ak)

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