Personalia | Harald Schuh is new Chairman of the German Geodetic Commission

Prof. Harald Schuh (photo: GFZ).

Yesterday, Harald Schuh , Director of GFZ Department Geodesy, has been elected new chairman of the German Geodetic Commission DGK. With this appointment, the DGK chairmanship will for the first time and for five years go to GFZ.

Harald Schuh was President of the International Association of Geodesy IAG until July this year in addition to his work at GFZ and his professorship for satellite geodesy at Technische Universität Berlin. He is now dedicating himself to the new task at DGK. The tasks of the chairman include representing the interests of geodetic research in national and international committees.

The DGK engages in coordinating research and teaching as well as advising political decision-makers. It is limited to 45 members and consists of a community of German scientists working in the field of geodesy, representatives of numerous research institutions and the private sector, the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy as well as several ministries, the German surveying administration, supported by numerous corresponding members from abroad. Geodesy here is understood in a broader sense and includes areas such as and remote sensing as well as geoinformatics and land management. The Director of the Department Geodesy at GFZ is an ex officio member of the DGK. In addition to the chairmanship, the DGK office is also located at GFZ, coordinated by Sylvio Mannel of the Department Geodesy. (ak)

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