Personalia | Emerging Leader Award for Sergey Lobanov

Dr. Sergey Lobanov, GFZ Section 3.6: Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials (photo: Mariia Lobanova).

Sergey Lobanov , GFZ Section Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials, received the Emerging Leader Award at a Deep Carbon Observatory DCO conference held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., USA.

The award, which has been presented annually since 2015, recognizes "outstanding achievements and unique potential as a leader in the deep carbon science community" by young scientists. As part of the DCO community Sergey Lobanov has contributed to measurements of physical and chemical properties of carbon-bearing systems at extreme pressure-temperature conditions. The Deep Carbon Observatory is a global association of over 1000 scientists with the aim to better understand the role of carbon in the Earth system. (ak)

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