Personalia | The fastest woman at the GFZ

Schnelles GFZ (Foto: E. Huenges, GFZ).
Teilnehmende am DAK-Firmenlauf in 2017 (Foto: E. Huenges, GFZ).

15.06.2017: Jennifer Weigt, section Geomicrobiology, is the fastest woman at the GFZ. The technical assistant of working group „Microbial GeoEngineering“ headed by Hilke Würdemann finished in first place of individual women score at yesterday’s DAK corporate run in Potsdam. She also enabled first place for the GFZ all women team as well as the mixed team, and, rather unusual, fourth place for the GFZ all men team…

Again this year GFZ was represented by a large number of 55 participants at the annual DAK corporate run, with an overall participation of 2772 runners from Potsdam and beyond. On a distance of 5.2 kilometres Jennifer Weigt won with a minimum time of 20.09 minutes. The GFZ all women team with Jennifer Weigt, Julia Neelmeijer, Simona Regenspurg, and Helen Freeman also took best place, as well as the GFZ mixed team with Pascal Martin, Jennifer Weigt, Frank Springer, Jan-Michael Schönbeck, and Joe Mahnall.

The GFZ all men team was initially awarded third best with Pascal Martin, Frank Springer, Jan-Michael Schönebeck, and Joe Magnall. When it appeared that time measurement incorrectly included the time of Jennifer Weigt the all men team was corrected to be “only” fourth best. (ak)

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