Personalia | Charlotte Krawczyk has been elected to the Senate of the German Research Foundation

Prof. Charlotte Krawczyk (photo: private).

Charlotte Krawczyk  has been elected to the Senate of the German Research Foundation DFG. Lotte Krawczyk heads the Department of Geophysics and the Section of Near-Surface Geophysics at GFZ. She is Professor for Geophysical Processing and Seismics at the TU Berlin.

The DFG Senate advises and decides on all DFG matters of major importance within the framework of the principles adopted by the General Assembly. It is thus responsible for all major decisions in research funding prior to the actual funding decision, as well as for all major decisions regarding the design of the review, evaluation and decision-making process. The Senate also decides which Review Boards are to be formed and how they are structured. The Senate has a total of 39 members. Lotte Krawczyk represents the earth sciences of the earth body in the Senate. (jz)

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