Personalia | Charlotte Krawczyk and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth received as members of the Academia Europaea

Prof. Charlotte Krawczyk (photo: GFZ)
Prof. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (photo: Gesine Born for Helmholtz)

GFZ Department Directors Charlotte Krawczyk  and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth  were received as members of the Academia Europaea, Section Earth and Cosmic Science.

The Academia Europeae is a European non-governmental scientific society based in London with the objective of “promoting and supporting the public understanding of science”. A membership is only attained by proposal of an advisory body. The society has about 3000 members, among them more than 50 Nobel Prize laureates.

Charlotte Krawczyk is Director of GFZ department Geophysics and head of section Near-Surface Geophysics. Her research mainly focusses on applied geophysics and geophysical properties of mass transport in the subsurface. Besides her work at GFZ she is a professor for geophysics in a joint appointment with the Technical University of Berlin.

Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth is Director of GFZ department Geotechnologies and head of section Basin Modelling. She holds a joint professorship with the Rheinisch-Westfälisch Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen. The focus of her research is on the geodynamics of sedimentary basins across scales and related consequences for subsurface utilization. (ak)

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