Restricted operation still in place at GFZ

The reason is the necessity to slow down the spread of corona virus SARS-CoV-2

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Why the Victoria Plate in Africa rotates

Weaker and stronger lithospheric regions cause the rotation of the Victoria microplate, computer models suggest.

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Personalia | Bruno Merz has been awarded the "Volker Medal"

Bruno Merz, head of GFZ’s Hydrology Section, has been awarded the "Volker Medal".

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Personalia | Theresa Blume nominated Chief Executive Editor of HESS

Theresa Blume, working group leader in GFZ section Hydrology, has been nominated Chief Executive Editor of HESS.

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Interview | Galina Dick: "Meteorologists are enthusiastic about GNSS water vapour data".

We talk to Galina Dick about the use of satellite navigation signals in meteorology and climate research.

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Trends and challenges for remote sensing of the Arctic vegetation

Researchers take a look at what works and what needs to be improved in optical remote sensing of the Arctic tundra

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How drones can monitor explosive volcanoes

Researchers create novel 3D models with centimetre resolution of a volcano in Guatemala

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Measuring methane from space

Satellite observations of emissions from lakes in Alaska agree with airborne measurements by German researchers.

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Personalia | EGU 2020: Award for GFZ early career scientists Mengdi Pan and Karina Wilgan

GFZ early career scientists Mengdi Pan and Karina Wilgan receive awards at this year's virtuel annual meeting of the European Geosciences Union.

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Conditions in Earth’s underground resembling the surface of Mars

Scandinavian rock provides evidence of life on the "Red Planet".

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Additional News

Das Bild vom Hafen in einem Format, welches in den entsprechenden Rahmen auf der Startseite passt. Das Forschungsschiff liegt im Hafen. Der Himmel ist bewölkt, aber blau. Das Meer ist ruhig. An Land ein asphaltierter Parkplatz mit Palmen direkt an der Hafenkante. Menschen sitzen und spazieren dort.

Life at its Limits

Eavesdropping on trout building their nests

Reinhard Hüttl and Julia Fischer new Vice - Presidents of the Berlin - Brandenburg Academy...

Personalia | Kristen Cook - Geological Society of America GSA Fellowship

Explosionssignal in der Glasfaser

Monitoring groundwater changes more precisely

Sprengung einer Weltkriegsbombe per Glasfaser-Seismik verfolgt

New satellite data show severity of drought summers in 2018 and 2019

Personalia | Bernd Rendel Prize for Milad Asgarimehr

Personalia | Dirk Wagner appointed to subcommittee of the ICSP