More "reactive" land surfaces cooled the Earth

Higher reactivity could explain temperature drop before last ice age.

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The ‘Geolino’ nursery is once again a ‘House of Little Researchers’

The day nursery of the Albert Einstein Science Park receives a new certificate ‘House of Little Researchers’.

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Magnetic field model with simpler means

Magnetic field model with simpler means - GFZ researcher wins $20,000 prize in ideas competition to improve the global magnetic field model.

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Helmholtz International Fellow Falk Amelung visists GFZ

GFZ is hosting Helmholtz International Fellow Falk Amelung from Miami University, USA, for his research visit in Germany.

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Report | Roofing ceremony for new laboratory for the exploration of life under extreme conditions

After the foundation stone was laid in November, on 13 June, GFZ celebrated the roofing ceremony for the new 'GeoBioLab'.

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Germany in focus

The new GFZ Journal has been published, with a focus on geoscience research in Germany.

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An artificial neural network for monitoring ocean warming

Satellite measurements of electromagnetic fields allow to estimate temperature changes

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First conference for research software in Germany

From 4 to 6 June the first conference by the Research Software Engineers on the topic of research software in Germany took place on Telegrafenberg.

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100 Jahre Forschungs- und Lehrbergwerk „Reiche Zeche“

100 Jahre Forschungs- und Lehrbergwerk „Reiche Zeche“.

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Antarctic glacier named after GFZ satellite GRACE mission

Special recognition of the contribution to the study of Earth's ice mass dynamics

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Additional News

Personalia | Christoph Reigber receives the Levallois Medal 2019

Personalia | Kyriakos Balidakis has been awarded the Friedrich Robert Helmert Prize

Ice sheets impact core elements of the Earth’s carbon cycle

Personalia | Marco Bohnhoff is now Executive Director of the ICDP

Personalia | Honorary Professorhip for Maorong Ge

Personalia | Professorship for Dirk Schulze-Makuch

How to recognise where a volcano will erupt

Monitoring Etna with a glass fibre cable

Unique data series will be continued

Personalia | Research internship at GFZ for Maximilian Wegner