Network Meeting for geomagnetic observatories: INTERMAGNET 2015 at GFZ


15.06.2015: GFZ section Earth’s Magnetic Field is hosting this year's annual meeting of the International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network, INTERMAGNET. From June 18 till June 21, 30 experts from participating institutes are expected to participate. The meeting will take place at GFZ's Adolf-Schmidt-Observatory for Geomagnetism in Niemegk, which also celebrates 85 years of geomagnetic monitoring and research.

The network INTERMAGNET, a consortium founded in 1991, defines the internationally acknowledged standards for geomagnetic observatories. It is an important network for monitoring and investigating the Earth's core as well as space weather. INTERMAGNET advises and certifies geomagnetic observatories and checks and distributes their data. Globally, approximately 60 institutes and 150 observatories are part of the network. Hence, the participants of the meeting come from several countries, India, Russia, Japan, Canada, USA, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Check Republic, Austria, and Germany.

GFZ operates or supports a total of 18 geomagnetic observatories, twelve of which already participate in INTERMAGNET, more are expected to join the network soon.

Further information on INTERMAGNET and geomagnetic real time data from many observatories can be found here>> or here>>

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