Ludwig Stroink elected as IUGS-Councillor

Staff Ludwig Stroink , Head of the International Affairs- and Project Office at GFZ was elected as "Councillor" to the IUGS Executive Committee EC. The delegates of an extraordinary meeting of the IUGS Council elected him together with the British Jennifer Mc Kinnley from an international field of 11 candidates. The term of the mandate is four years.

The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) ), was founded in 1961. With more than 120 member countries, it is one of the largest non-governmental scientific organizations in the world. The IUGS promotes the study of geological issues, especially those of global significance, and supports international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the geosciences. As "Councillor" Ludwig Stroink is the bridge between the geoscientific community and the EC and will be, among others, involved in the development of IUGS strategies.

Ludwig Stroink, who holds a doctorate in geology, has many years of experience in international science management. For 10 years he was head of the executive office of the interdisciplinary research program GEOTECHNOLOGIES, advised the Omani government on the establishment of a non-university research center in Muscat and is currently spokesperson of the working group "International Relations" of the Helmholtz Association.

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