Argentinean Ambassador Pedro Raúl Villagra Delgado visits the GFZ

Visit of the Argentine Ambassador on the Telegrafenberg.

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Mushrooms are older than we thought

The first mushrooms were present 300 million years earlier than believed until now, shows a new study of which GFZ was part.

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Klimawandel, Energiewende, Wissenschaftskommunikation

Jahrespressekonferenz 2020 am Deutschen GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ.

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Personalia | Kirsten Elger becomes Chief Executive Editor of the journal Earth System Science Data

With the beginning of the new year, Kirsten Elger becomes Chief Executive Editor of the journal Earth System Science Data ESSD.

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Formation of a huge underwater volcano offshore the Comoros

Seismologists of the GFZ have for the first time observed processes in the upper mantle before the formation of an enormous underwater eruption.

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Tsunami Early Warning System: Jörn Lauterjung awarded the Federal Cross of Merit

Jörn Lauterjung awarded the Federal Cross of Merit, for the development and coordination of the German-Indonesian tsunami early warning system GITEWS.

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Interview | Jens Wickert: "The future belongs to small satellites"

We talk to Jens Wickert about the future of navigation satellites and the use of their signals in remote sensing.

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Personalia | Benjamin Männel elected to the Governing Board of the International GNSS Service IGS

Benjamin Männel has been elected to the steering committee of the International Global Navigation Satellite Service IGS.

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"Tipping point" towards desertification

Ecosystem in Nepalese valley irreversibly turned to badlands 1600 years ago.

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Another ERC Grant for GFZ Taylor Schildgen will receive 1.9 million euros for her research

The GFZ researcher Taylor Schildgen is receiving 1.9 million euros in funding from the European Research Council (ERC).

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Additional News

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