Visiting Humboldt Research Fellow Dr. Animesh Gainat GFZ

Dr. Animesh Gain, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, is visiting Humboldt Research Fellow at GFZ section Hydrology, holding a Georg Foster research grant.

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Graveyard of subduction zones

11.01.2014: A team with Prof. Dr. Michael Weber, head of GFZ-Section Geophysical Deep Sounding, found evidence for a to date unknown stagnant slab in the mantle transition zone in ca. 400 km...

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Professorship for hydro-gravimetry

As of 1st of January, Andreas Güntner, GFZ section 5.4 'hydrology', holds a professorship for hydro-gravimetry in a joint appointment with the University of Potsdam.

Prof. Güntner's research interests are in the field of multi-scale process research...

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Why is Greenland covered in ice?

05.01.2015: The ice on Greenland could only form due to processes in the deep Earth interior. Large-scale glaciations in the Arctic only began about 2.7 million years ago; before that, the northern hemisphere was largely free of ice for more than 500...

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American cities are many times brighter than German counterparts

29.12.2014: German cities emit several times less light per capita than comparably sized American cities, according to a recent publication in the journal Remote Sensing. The size of the gap grew with city size, as light per capita increased with...

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Ten years after the disaster: Tsunami-Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean

19.12.2014: The day after Christmas this year will mark the 10 anniversary of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean. On 26 December 2004, a quarter of a million people lost their lives, five million required immediate aid and 1.8 million citizens...

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SET Plan 2014 Side Event - The role of subsurface for the future of energy supply

The use of subsurface for the future of energy supply is the topic of a side event organized by the International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR of the GFZ within the frame of the “SET Plan...

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Dirk Wagner is new representative of the IASC Terrestrial Working Group for the German National Committee for Polar Research SCAR/IASC of the DFG

05.12.2014│Trier: GFZ scientist Dirk Wagner was elected as new representative of the Terrestrial Working Group of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) for the German National Committee for Polar Research SCAR/IASC of the German Science...

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Juniorprofessorship for "Cosmogenic Nuclides"

Dirk Scherler, GFZ-section 3.4 „Earth Surface Geochemistry“, was appointed in December 2014 to a Juniorprofessorship for cosmogenic nuclides, together with the Free University of Berlin.

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Two new Heads of GFZ Departments

01.12.2014|Potsdam: Prof. Dr. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth is the new Director of GFZ Department 4 „Chemistry of the Earth“. She succeeds Prof. Dr. Jörg Erzinger, who very successfully held this position over the past years. Also starting from 1st of...

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