Report | First signs of the GRACE-FO satellites

First successful sight of the satellites of the Grace-FO mission above the Telegrafenberg.

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Personalia | Liane G. Benning was elected as member of Leopoldina

Liane G. Benning, Head of GFZ section Interface Geochemistry, was elected as a new member of the German Academy of Sciences - Leopoldina.

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GRACE Follow-On successfully started

The tandem satellites document global change.

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New mineral reaction path discovered

Latest, highly precise laboratory methods allow for new findings.

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Earthquakes between Halle and Leipzig in 2015 and 2017

Deep processes for the first time recorded and impact of possible damage to metropolitan region assessed.

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Report | A grand piano with a grand history

Piano with a story. When relics from the past come back into focus.

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Bericht | DAK Firmenlauf 2018

Mehr als 3000 Läuferinnen und Läufer haben dem Regen getrotzt und am 10. DAK Firmenlauf Potsdam teilgenommen. Auch das GFZ war wieder vertreten.

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Wärmewende: Geothermie ist eine Option für die zukünftige Fernwärmeversorgung in Städten – auch in Berlin

Was kostet die Energiewende? Öffentliche Diskussion des GFZ im Rahmen der Berliner Energietage, zu Optionen für die nächste Phase der Energiewende.

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Satellite mission GRACE Follow-On

High-precision measurement of the Earth's gravity field documents global change.

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Small earthquakes caused by migrating gasses in the underground

Seismic data in the Istanbul-Marmara region show: Earthquakes carry out degassing, which can then cause further shocks.

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Additional News

First detection of rain over the ocean by navigation satellites

Report | Gesellschaft für Forschungssoftware in Berlin gegründet

Large earthquakes can trigger and inhibit volcanic activities

Personalia | Bruno Merz and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg are this year's AGU Fellows 2018...

New research group for the evaluation of gravity field data

Warum sich Teheran gefährlich absenkt

Report | Learning in the seismic real lab

Viewpoint | Reinhard Hüttl "climate engineering is feasible, and in my opinion makes...

"Berufsbildung ohne Grenzen" award for GFZ

A new way to create Saturn's radiation belts