Personalia | Sanja Panovska and Patrick Frings are the first GFZ „Topic Innovation“-Fellows

Sanja Panovska and Patrick Frings have successfully been awarded as GFZ ‘topic innovation’ fellows.

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Personalia | Charlotte Krawczyk and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth received as members of the Academia Europaea

GFZ Department Directors Charlotte Krawczyk and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth were received as members of the Academia Europaea.

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Report | From the south to the top

New observatory for the long-term monitoring of changes in water, ice, and snow installed on Zugspitze.

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Personalia | Professorship for Maribel Núñez Valdez

Maribel Núñez Valdez started a professorship for Atomistic modeling of (geo)materials research at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

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Lake outburst

with seismometers „listening“ to the flood.

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Tsunami in Indonesia: early warning occurred 5 minutes after quake

On September 28, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred on the Indonesian peninsula of Sulawesi, in a depth of ten kilometers, and triggered a local tsunami.

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ERC Grant for GFZ

Dirk Sachse and team are supported with ERC 'proof of concept' grant.

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New sensors for new insights into volcanoes

Developing a new generation of portable, inexpensive gravimeters for real-time monitoring of subsurface mass changes.

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Movements in the Earth’s interior are the missing link of polar motion

Mass movements of the solid mantle account for a third of dislocation.

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Searching for clues on extreme climate change

Nearly 13,000 years ago, pines in southern France experienced a cold snap, which scientists have now reconstructed.

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Additional News

Natural "batteries" made Mars organic

Hotspot volcanism in Greenland

Laying of the foundation stone for new lab building.

Personalia | Antoine Jacquey Receives Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2018

How much debris is lying on glaciers?

Personalia | Arthur Holmes Medal for Jean Braun

FAIR Data in Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences

GRACE-FO resumes data collection

Report | First international conference on the combination of novel GNSS remote sensing...

Micro-earthquakes preceding an Earthquake near Istanbul as early warning signs?