The strange behavior of animals before Earthquakes

Can animals warn about earthquakes?

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The wobbling of the Earth

Hydrodynamic model calculations improve the prediction of changes in the polar motion.

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Personalia | Michael Wiedenbeck has been appointed as Reseach Associate by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Michael Wiedenbeck, head of the SIMS lab at the GFZ, has been appointed as Research Associate by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

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Aquaplaning in the geological underground

Water pressure as a critical factor for mega-earthquakes, study by GFZ scientists reveals.

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Learning from the geosciences – 11th Research Data Alliance Plenary

The 11th Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary from 21 to 23 March brought together international stakeholders from 41 countries and several disciplines on the topic of research data.

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Gas hydrate research: Advanced knowledge and new technologies

After ten years, the SUGAR project on gas hydrate research concludes with a conference in Potsdam.

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Thawing permafrost produces more methane than expected

The role of the greenhouse gas methane was underestimated.

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Make data FAIR – Research Data Alliance Pre-meeting

Prior to the Research Data Alliance Plenary meeting research data experts discussed how to standardise the publication of research data.

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The human factor

When does a natural event become a disaster?

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Technologies for the energy transition - GFZ-report evaluates deep geothermal energy

A GFZ report on deep geothermal energy highlights the status and the options of future development of this technology.

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Additional News

First signs of the GRACE-FO satellites

Liane G. Benning was elected as member of Leopoldina

GRACE Follow-On successfully started

New mineral reaction path discovered

Earthquakes between Halle and Leipzig in 2015 and 2017

A grand piano with a grand history

DAK Firmenlauf 2018

Wärmewende: Geothermie ist eine Option für die zukünftige Fernwärmeversorgung in Städten –...

Satellite mission GRACE Follow-On

Small earthquakes caused by migrating gasses in the underground