„How do we want to live?“ - Young researchers explore the elements

30.06.2015|Potsdam: The GFZ "GeoWunderWerkstatt" organizes a science-celebration for pre- and primary school young researchers within the frame of the "Tag der kleinen Forscher".

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Uplifted Island

22.06.2015| Uplifted Island: After examining the results of the Maule earthquake in 2010, a team of geologists from Germany, Chile, and the US for the first time was able to measure and simulate a complete seismic cycle at its vertical movement of...

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7th Potsdamer Company Run a great success for the GFZ

18.06.2015|Potsdam: At yesterday’s 7th Potsdamer company run GFZ showed its sporty side with several top positionings. Mens team placed first in team classifications, women and mixed teams each placed second. Fastest runner for the GFZ and winner of...

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Humboldt Awardee Claudio Faccenna Guest at GFZ

16.06.2015: Humboldt Awardee Professor Claudio Faccenna, Universitá degli studi Roma Tre, Italy, is guest for a visiting study with Prof. Onno Oncken (GFZ-Dept. Geological Systems).

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Network Meeting for geomagnetic observatories: INTERMAGNET 2015 at GFZ

15.06.2015: GFZ section Earth’s Magnetic Field is hosting this year's annual meeting of the International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network, INTERMAGNET. From June 18 till June 21, 30 experts from participating institutes are expected to...

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Monsoon affects tectonics

15.06.2015|Monsoon affects tectonics- A new climate-tectonic coupling mechanism: Climate change after 23 million years ago intensified the East Asian Summer Monsoon. This strongly increased the sediment flux into the South China Sea basin and lead to...

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Options for Future Scientific Collaboration with Iranian Research Institutions

11.06.2015 |Teheran: From 8 – 10 June 2015 a 7-member GFZ delegation visited Iran.  Included in the program were visits to Iranian Research Institutions and the University of Teheran. A highlight of this visit was a meeting between the Scientific...

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Geothermal Experiment in Hard Rock Laboratory Äspö (Sweden)

11. 06. 2015| Äspö/Sweden: A group of researchers under the lead of Dr. Arno Zang (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ), carries out a multidisciplinary hydraulic experiment in the Hard Rock Laboratory in Äspö, Sweden, at a depth of 410...

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The Challenge of Climate Change – Position Paper Compiled by the Deutsches Klima-Konsortium (DKK)

10.06.2015: In spite of enormous progresses in climate research there are still significant knowledge gaps in the understanding of important processes in the climate system and its reaction to human influence.On 10 June 2015, the Deutsches...

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Constant Weathering

08.06.2015|Constant Eathering: That weathering has to do with the weather is obvious in itself. All the more astonishing, therefore, are the research results of a group of scientists from the GFZ Research Center for Geosciences in Germany and...

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