GEOTHERMICS Special Issue: Analysis of Induced Seismicity in Geothermal Operations

24.09.2014: In October 2014, the International Journal of Geothermal Research and its Applications (GEOTHERMICS) presents a Special Issue on the analysis of induced seismicity in space and time due to human interaction with the subsurface to extract geothermal energy. The main goal is to minimize seismic activity in deep geothermal projects (in particular Enhanced Geothermal systems , EGS) by applying a soft stimulation strategy. This special issue was edited by Arno Zang, David Bruhn, both GFZ, and Ernest Majer from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (USA).

Man-made earthquakes related to energy technologies in the subsurface made it to headline news and receive more and more public attention. Hydraulic Fracturing in oil and gas operations, CO2-storage, or deep geothermal energy, each technology faces chances and risks. Researchers of the EU-funded project GEISER (Geothermal Engineering Integrating Mitigation of Induced Seismicity in Reservoirs) from seven European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands) turned their attention to the analysis of seismicity related to the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs, in particular EGS. In this technology, geothermal heat is mined at depths between 3.000 and 6.000 m, in rock mass which is usually useless for energy mining because of very small pore space. In this special issue, twenty articles address seismicity pattern in space and time related to EGS operations, and also put it into context of mining-induced seismicity and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Geothermics Vol. 52 (October 2014). Special Issue: Analysis of Induced Seismicity in Geothermal Operations. Guest Editors: Arno Zang (GFZ 2.6 Seismic Hazard and Stress Field), Ernest Majer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA), David Bruhn (GFZ, International Center for Geothermal Research)

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