General Assembly OSPP Award of the European Geosciences Union for Pauline Gayrin

Our former section member Pauline Gayrin (December 2019 – July 2020) has been awarded with the “2021 Virtual Outstanding Student and PhD candidate Presentation” (vOSPP) of EGU.

Pauline Gayrin is now a master student in the Geodynamics master in Université Grenoble-Alpes. The project presented at the EGU 2021 is the continuation of her bachelor thesis led under the supervision of Dr. Thilo Wrona and Dr. Sascha Brune.

At the vEGU 2021, Pauline Gayrin presented her python-based workflow to extract fault lineaments from high-resolution TanDEM-X topographic data of the Magadi-Natron Basin within the East African Rift System. The structural analysis automatically deduces key fault parameters such as fault azimuth, throw, and heave of hundreds of rift faults and thereby quantifies the patterns of neotectonic activity in that region.

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