Vom Regen zum Hochwasser

Helmholtz-Forschungszentren starten Messkampagne zu hydrologischen Extremen.

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GFZ Geophysics Department moves into new property next to the Albert Einstein Science Park

More than 120 employees move to former headquarters of the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment.

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Improved risk management for geothermal systems

Drilling hole monitoring in near real-time helps to keep induced seismicity to a minimum.

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Resolving the “invisible” gold puzzle

Arsenic aids formation of giant gold deposits.

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Hippos, the animal silicon pumps

Via their faeces, Hippos transport large quantities of silicon, an important substance for ecosystems, from land to water.

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Report | Cooperation agreement between China and GFZ

Representatives of the China Geological Survey, the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and GFZ sign a cooperation agreement on bilateral cooperation.

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Report | Surprise in the depths. Start of a drilling campaign in Chile

How far down does the Earth's surface reach? To answer this question, the 'Deep Earthshape' drilling campaign has started in northern Chile.

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What Earth's gravity reveals about climate change

Researchers take stock of the GRACE satellite mission.

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Personalia | Three awards for GFZ scientists by the European Geoscience Union EGU

At this year's annual conference of the European Geosciences Union EGU in Vienna the GFZ scientists Jean Braun, Chao Xiong, and Irina Zhelavskaya are honoured.

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Personalia | Benjamin Schwarz receives Karl Zoeppritz Prize 2019

Geophysicist Benjamin Schwarz receives young investigators award of the German Geophysical Society.

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