Forschung als Motor für die Energiewende (only available in German)

Forschung als Motor für die Energiewende (only available in German)
04.03.2013| Potsdam: Bundesforschungsministerin Johanna Wanka stellte am 04. März die nationale Plattform zur Energieforschung vor. Auf dem Weg zur Energiewende sollen die einzelnen...

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Fragments of Continents Hidden under Lava in the Indian Ocean

Fragments of Continents Hidden under Lava in the Indian Ocean
22.02.2013|Potsdam: The islands Reunion and Mauritius, both well-known tourist destinations, are hiding a micro-continent, which has now been discovered. The continent fragment known as...

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The water flow of the Amazon River in a natural climate archive

Oxygen isotopes in tree rings are an excellent archive of precipitation dynamics in the tropical Amazon region. The precise determination of the ratios of stable oxygen isotopes (18O/16O) proves to be a new parameter for detecting...

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Canadian-German Science Forum

In the presence of the Canadian Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Peter M. Boehm, this year’s rotating meeting of the Helmholtz Alberta Initiative (HAI) will open on Monday 10, September 2012.

HAI is a scientific collaboration between...

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The Earthquake Risk of a Megacity

Today the drilling starts for a seismic monitoring network on the Marmara Sea near Istanbul. Specially designed seismic sensors in eight boreholes on the outskirts of Istanbul and around the eastern Marmara Sea will monitor the...

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One third less life on planet Earth

Previous estimates about the total mass of all life on our planet have to be reduced by about one third. This is the result of a study by a German-US science team published in the current online issue of „Proceedings of the...

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HALO: Höher, weiter, schneller, genauer (only available in German)

Am 20. August übergab Bundesforschungsministerin Dr. Annette Schavan ein weltweit einzigartiges Forschungsflugzeug an die Wissenschaft. Die feierliche Übergabe von HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft) an die...

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Research Network across the Atlantic

The German-Canadian alliance in marine research is being expanded. In the presence of the German federal chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel the Canadian Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI) and the HelmholtzAssociation with its...

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The Earthquake Risk in Germany and Europe

How strong can earthquakes in Germany be? Where in Europa are the earthquake activities concentrated? These questions are the basis for risk assessments and become relevant when it comes to the safety of buildings or the generation...

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Magnetic field, mantle convection and tectonics

On a time scale of tens to hundreds of millions of years, the geomagnetic field may be influenced by currents in the mantle. The frequent polarity reversals of Earth's magnetic field can also be connected with processes in the...

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