Personalia | Benjamin Schwarz receives Karl Zoeppritz Prize 2019

Geophysicist Benjamin Schwarz receives young investigators award of the German Geophysical Society.

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Sun, moon and sea as part of a "seismic probe"

Tides and surf can be used for non-destructive analysis of subsurface.

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Crowdsourcing speeds up earthquake monitoring

Webserver data and tweets help to locate earthquakes more quickly.

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Report | Plate tectonics and mountain building – Future Career Day at GFZ

On the 17th Brandenburg Future Career Day about 30 school children from Potsdam and environs visit GFZ to gain an insight into the daily work of a geoscientist.

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Report | Remote sensing in Polar Regions - iCUPE project meeting at GFZ

On 26 and 27 March a project meeting of the iCUPE 'Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on polar environments' consortium takes place at GFZ.

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Federal Minister Karliczek and State Minister Münch at Telegrafenberg

The ministers came to visit as part of PhD Day and FameLab and brought along good news about funding for a new project in Lusatia.

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Personalia | 11th EARSeL SIG IS Workshop - Three prizes for two GFZ scientists

The PhD students Friederike Körting and Friederike Klos were awarded three prizes at the 11th Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop.

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Interview | Constanza Rodriguez Piceda und Marisa Repasch: StRATEGy - Understanding the relationship between tectonic processes and climate

We talk to the PhD students Constanza Rodriguez Piceda and Marisa Repasch who participate in the project StRATEGy that investigates the interactions of tectonics and climate.

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New light into the recent evolution of the African rift valley

Field research on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya provides new insights into the break-up of continents.

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Earthshape - German-Chilean research project enters second phase

From 4 to 15 March, the launch event of the second phase of the 'Earthshape - Earth Surface Shaping by Biota' project takes place in Chile.

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Additional News

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Hippos, the animal silicon pumps

Report | Cooperation agreement between China and GFZ

Report | Surprise in the depths. Start of a drilling campaign in Chile

What Earth's gravity reveals about climate change