“Science Thrives in Open-minded Environments”: An Open Letter from the Directors of Research Institutes in Potsdam

There is no place in Potsdam for hostility towards foreigners and those seeking refuge, argue the heads of educational and research institutes in Potsdam in an open letter published on 16 March 2016 in the Märkischen Allgemeinen, the Potsdamer...

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Bericht | Social Media helfen bei Hochwasserkatastrophen

Am Morgen des 5. Juni 2013 postet ein Nutzer des sozialen Netzwerks Twitter ein Foto, das zeigt, wie ein Bürgersteig im Stadtzentrum von Dresden unter Wasser steht. Auch Hochwassermeldepegel schlagen an. Im Stadtgebiet von Dresden ist an der Elbe...

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Three new European geothermal projects at GFZ

On 7 and 8 March, kick-off meetings for the geothermal projects DESTRESS "Demonstration of Stimulation Treatments of Geothermal Reservoirs" and SURE "Novel Productivity Enhancement Concept for a Sustainable Utilization of a Geothermal Resource" take...

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High-Energy Cosmic Rays: Galactic or Extragalactic?

It appears that radio-wave measurements have discovered a new component of the Galactic cosmic ray population.

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The maximum earthquake magnitude for North Turkey

Geoscientists and natural disaster management experts are well aware of the risk prevailing in the megacity of Istanbul: The Istanbul metropolitan region faces a high probability for a large earthquake in the near future. The question is: how large...

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Kickoff meeting for the Chilean-German research initiative EarthShape

From 4 to 8 March, a kickoff meeting for the Chilean-German priority research program EarthShape takes place in Olmuè, Chile. „EarthShape – Earth Surface Shaping by Biota“ is coordinated by Prof. Todd Ehlers, Department of Geosciences, University of...

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SUBITOP - Another EU training network coordinated at GFZ

On 1 March the international Innovative Training Network (ITN) SUBITOP „Understanding subduction zone topography through modelling of coupled shallow and deep processes“ is initiated. It is coordinated by Prof. Niels Hovius, GFZ section...

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Personalia | Prof. Yuri Shprits leads working group at GFZ

Prof. Shprits is joining GFZ on March 1 as a leader of a working group on magnetospheric physics in GFZ section Earth’s Magnetic Field. He was successfully recruited for GFZ by the Helmholtz Recruiting Initiative.

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Personalia | Professorship for Jens Wickert

Starting on 1 March, Jens Wickert, GFZ section Space Geodetic Techniques and Spokesperson of the Helmholtz Topic GPS Atmosphere Sounding, is called to a joint professorship „GNSS Remote Sensing, Navigation, and Positioning“ between the TU Berlin...

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Research on seasonal thermal storage in the underground

Today the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences starts off the research drilling on the campus of the TU Berlin in Charlottenburg. The research well will deliver data for the scientific evaluation of the suitability of the Berlin subsurface as a...

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Additional News

Hotspot volcanism in Greenland

Laying of the foundation stone for new lab building.

Personalia | Antoine Jacquey Receives Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2018

How much debris is lying on glaciers?

Personalia | Arthur Holmes Medal for Jean Braun

FAIR Data in Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences

GRACE-FO resumes data collection

Report | First international conference on the combination of novel GNSS remote sensing...

Micro-earthquakes preceding an Earthquake near Istanbul as early warning signs?

Interview | „To gain a comprehensive understanding of arctic emissions“ – Katrin Kohnert